Meet the cast of Marvel’s Luke Cage

Netflix’s latest superhero saga has heroes and villains for you to meet


Marvel’s Luke Cage is the third show in the Defenders series, and it launches on Netflix on 30th September. It brings back some familiar good guys from Marvel’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones, and follows Luke Cage’s fight for justice in Harlem. Here’s everything you need to know about who’s who…


Mike Colter – Luke Cage


A former convict with unbreakable skin and super-strength, Luke Cage was last seen in Marvel’s Jessica Jones, but is now striking out on his own as he moves to Harlem to reinvent himself.

Colter reprises his role as the indestructible Luke Cage after appearing in seven episodes of Marvel’s Jessica Jones, though it’s not his first role as a tough battler. Previously the 40-year-old actor’s most high profile role was as boxer Big Willie Little in Million Dollar Baby, with Colter also playing a Colonel in Men in Black 3, a CIA operative in Salt and drug lord Lemond Bishop in several episodes of the Good Wife.

Colter has also starred in American Horror Story, Blue Bloods, Agent X and as a character in the popular Halo video game franchise.

Mahershala Ali – Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes

A gangster and club owner, Cornell Stokes has a firm grip on Harlem – at least until Luke Cage starts taking down his operations.

Best known for his role as Remy Danton in Netflix’s House of Cards, Ali’s recent roles also include Boggs in the last two Hunger Games films

Alfre Woodard – Maria Dillard


A local politician who happens to be Stokes’ cousin, Dillard is trying to bring change to create a better Harlem, but her life is constantly thrown into turmoil by Cage and Stokes’ antics.

Woodard is perhaps best known for her role as Betty Applewhite in Desperate Housewives, but more recently she appeared in 12 Years A Slave and Captain America: Civil War.

Simone Missick – Detective Misty Knight

A Harlem police detective with a strong moral compass, who is dedicated to helping the community. She is also determined to learn about Cage and is the partner of Rafael Scarfe.


Missick’s best-known movies are the 2015 comedy-drama Black Card and the TV film Taste of Romance.