Anna Kendrick is a massive Bake Off fan – loves Mel, Sue and Mary but Paul Hollywood, not so much

The Hollywood star is Pitch Perfect when it comes to discussing Bake Off's move to Channel 4


Bake Off is such a quintessentially British show, you’d be forgiven for assuming that it’s not much talked about outside the confines of our island nation. But as it turns out, news of soggy bottoms has travelled far and wide – as far, in fact, as Hollywood…


Yes, Anna Kendrick is apparently a huge GBBO fan and she was Pitch Perfect when talking about its impending move away from the BBC to Channel 4.

“I am really upset about it. I’m sad,” said the Oscar-nominated actress. “But it’s great that it immediately turned Mel and Sue into folk heroes and we’re all so proud of Mary who followed them.

“And of course Paul stayed – with his bread and his goatee.”

We sense Anna is less than pleased with Mr Hollywood’s decision to – as Mel and Sue put it – “follow the dough”. But does she perhaps have a message for him? “Nobody likes you.”

We are reliably informed that was very much spoken in jest, but in case you’re reading Paul, there’s a second part to that message: “Please don’t come to America and be mean to me! I’m so scared of you.”


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