Amazing movie effects you would never have guessed DIDN’T use CGI

From marauding dinosaurs to plummeting planes...


You’d think with the amount of technology at their disposal these days, filmmakers would have consigned the old fashioned methods of practical effects to the past. Yet there are still those around who like to make life hard for themselves by insisting the old ways are still the best.


Steven Spielberg famously favoured the use of animatronic dinosaurs to the computer generated kind on Jurassic Park – even if it did lead to the crew being terrified by a malfunctioning T-Rex marauding around the set. James Cameron used everything from body doubles, carefully placed mirrors to Linda Hamilton’s actual twin sister in order to fool audiences into thinking she was actually carving into Arnold Schwarzenegger’s head in Terminator 2. And that scene in The Dark Knight where Batman flips the Joker’s lorry in mid-air? Yep, that was achieved with real, practical effects and not a computer boffin in sight.


For more amazing movie effects achieved without the use of CGI, watch the Screen Rant video below…