People couldn’t get enough of Benjamina and Selasi’s chemistry on The Great British Bake Off

Botanical Week saw the rise of a Great British Double Act. No, not Mel and Sue...


Tom’s posh cinema snacks may have won him Star Baker on The Great British Bake Off’s Botanical Week, but we were slightly distracted this week by something else cooking in the Bake Off tent.


Benjamina and Selasi’s sneaky asides and sideways glances had everybody talking as Bake Off entered its sixth week. Here are some of our favourite reactions to the new Great British Double Act.


We weren’t the only ones to notice something was up between the Bake Off pair.

They had both ‘independently’ planned to make grapefruit meringue pies. But there was no animosity between these star-crossed bakers…

Just shared looks…

And blooming friendship.

Or maybe something more?

Now, not to get ahead of ourselves. Last week Selasi mentioned he had a girlfriend

But that doesn’t mean viewers can’t imagine a first Bake Off romance…


Well, even if there is no Botanical Romance, we’re pretty sure the BBC can come up with a show for the pair.

After all, there will be a gap in the schedules next year…

The Great British Bake Off continues next Wednesday at 8pm on BBC1