Modern Family set to feature transgender child actor

The show has been praised for "breaking boundaries" and "giving a voice" to the trans community


Modern Family has cast Jackson Millarker, an 8-year-old transgender actor, in an episode set to air tonight in America.


Part of the show’s eighth series, the episode is called “A Stereotypical Day” and sees same-sex couple Cam and Mitchell invite their daughter Lily’s transgender friend Tom over for a play-date.

Director Ryan Case took to Twitter and Instagram to introduce Millarker to her followers…

While Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays Mitchell, also shared his pride…

Transgender actors have appeared in several shows in the US, including Laverne Cox in Orange Is The New Black, and Jen Richards has just been cast in Nashville, but none of them have been child stars.

A trans teenager called Jazz Jennings has a reality show on US network, TLC, called I Am Jazz and Pixar recently featured a transgender stingray – or Sting-Rhonda – in Finding Dory.

Meanwhile, here in the UK, EastEnders cast its first trans actor, Riley Carter Millington, last year.


A UK premiere date for Modern Family series 8 is not yet known