Nick Robinson opens up about the trauma of making his Today debut after cancer treatment

"I had the horrible feeling where you are looking down on yourself and you think: ‘What the f*** are you doing?'"


Radio 4’s Today presenter Nick Robinson has opened up about the terrible experience of his first day as a presenter on the show after his treatment for cancer.


When Robinson made his debut in November 2015 his croaky voice was obvious to the millions of listeners of the show. And the presenter, whose vocal cords were damaged following surgery for lung cancer earlier that year, was rested two days later before returning when his voice had recovered.

And today Robinson opened up about his feelings of blind panic at the experience

Asked at the Radio Festival in central London today by LBC and former 5Live presenter Shelagh Fogarty how he felt during the broadcast he said: “[I felt] ‘Get me out of here’. As soon as I went on air at half past six I thought this isn’t right, I shouldn’t be here. I had the horrible feeling where you are looking down on yourself and you think ‘What the f*** are you doing?’.

“It was not any old day, for me it was a big deal it was my first day on the Today programme. It was an extra big deal because, as anyone who knows me knows, I was in the seat of my best friend’s Dad [Will Redhead, the son of Brian Redhead] … I knew from a very early age I wanted to do that job. “

Speaking afterward to Robinson said that his fellow Today presenters were very supportive at the time and also gave an upbeat assessment of his health.


He said: “The answer is the cancer is gone but you have to keep an eye on it of course. The voice is as good as it will ever be. It’s not physically 100% but performance wise it is pretty good. I cough a bit more than I used to but basically the health is good.”