Home and Away: will Duncan leave? Plus Brody is rushed to hospital

3-7 October 2016: And Tabitha frames Hunter for the school computer system hack


Monday 3 October


Tori, Duncan, Justin and Nate struggle to lift Brody up the cliff and rush him to hospital. Matt fights for Ellie to stay with him despite his aunt’s warning that she is troubled. Evie is convinced that Oscar is looking out for her. Doctors try to stabilise Brody upon arrival at the hospital, but the situation deteriorates. 

Tuesday 4 October

Brody’s condition is stabilised, but Nate warns his family that his leg might need to be amputated. Justin tells his family that Decker used him as bait to catch Spike, which put them all in danger. Doctors give Billie the all clear and offer to tell her the sex of the baby, but she is reluctant to know. Duncan considers leaving Summer Bay, until he discovers Alf’s letter. 

Wednesday 5 October

Hunter is in the frame for the school system hack when it transpires it was his own marks that were adjusted. Chris sets Kat and Phoebe up on a blind double date, but when Ash finds out that Kat is moving on he is overcome with jealousy. Leah, VJ and Billie clash over finding out the sex of Billie’s baby. 

Thursday 6 October

Tension grows between Zac and Leah when his new job demands more of his time. Phoebe and Kat’s double date seems to be going well until the boys suggest a game of strip poker. Olivia is stunned when she discovers Tabitha’s betrayal. Chris questions his dedication to Hannah. 


Friday 7 October

Zac and Leah think that they missed an important stage in their relationship and decide to stop living together. Matt feels out of his depth when the reality of parenting Ellie starts to set in. Evie starts to become dangerously obsessed with the idea that Oscar’s spirit is protecting her.