Coronation Street: Eileen has a showdown with Vinny – “We should fear for her,” says Sue Cleaver

"It isn't going to end well," adds the Corrie star


Eileen looks set to have a showdown with the unscrupulous Vinny in next week’s Coronation Street when she realises that something dodgy is going on with the building project. But will she end up putting herself in danger in the process?


Upcoming scenes will see Eileen rile Vinny when she takes money from the business account to splurge on expensive tiles for flats that he knows will never be built. But the drama will intensify after Eileen realises that one of the apartments has been promised to two different people – and that one of interested parties is Rita.

With Eileen worried that the properties are being sold twice over and that one of her friends could end up being duped, she’s soon demanding to know what’s going on.

“Eileen thinks that it’s all a bit odd. She thinks that Rita is being used by Vinny, so she’s furious that one of her friends could be caught up in something not quite right. She’s having none of that,” says actress Sue Cleaver.

In the episode to be broadcast on Friday 7 October, Eileen vents her fury about Phelan and Vinny’s bad business practices being used at the expense of Jason’s money. Cue a charm offensive from Pat as he tries to claw his way out of another tight spot.

“In the end, Eileen accepts it when Pat says that this is the way business is done. She has no choice but to believe what he’s saying,” adds the star.

Infuriatingly for viewers who wish she’d expose Phelan’s scam, Eileen will be hoodwinked once again as Pat prepares a romantic meal for them, their earlier altercation quickly forgotten. But Cleaver is certainly fearful for Eileen’s future:

“It isn’t going to end well, but I believe that there is some way to go with this storyline. We should probably fear for Eileen – I get lots of people in the street warning me off! But I Iove working with Connor McIntyre [Phelan] so I hope there’s lots more to come.”

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