Guys, the new Patronus quiz on Pottermore is just magical

And here’s what JK Rowling got when she did it…


Pottermore has just launched a magical quiz where you can find out your personal Patronus.


In muggle speak, Patronuses are illuminated animal guardians that can only be conjured with pure positivity but we all know them as the magical silvery creatures capable over warding off evil Dementors.

This new Pottermore quiz, which was teased by JK Rowling two years ago, asks users to think of their happiest memory before answering questions written by Rowling herself.

The questions are time sensitive and multiple choice, and appear against a backdrop of a spooky woodland.

In the end, Rowling’s secret algorithm decides who gets what – will you get a stag like Harry? Or a heron like the author herself…?


Find out your own personal Patronus here