Rewatch Val’s tear-jerking Great British Bake Off speech

They may as well cancel the rest of the series and give her the trophy now


It’s a tough time for Great British Bake Off fans as Mary calls it quits, Paul heads for Channel 4 and the show crumbles around their cake loving heads, but in the midst of all the darkness there was one very bright light as Val Stones stole the Pastry Week show with a stunning speech. 


The cake aerobics loving baker was *SPOILER ALERT* told she’d be leaving the tent after her filo pastry failed to impress, but she took her eviction in good spirits. 

In fact, Val took the whole thing in her stride, delivering a wonderfully emotional speech that made her the show’s real winner in everyone’s eyes.


You’ll have to excuse us, someone’s chopping onions for their amuse-bouches.