Who is Kate Barmby? The Great British Bake Off 2016 contestant guide

Everything you need to know about Kate, one of the amateur bakers joining the Great British Bake Off class of 2016


The Great British Bake Off 2016 contestants: Kate Barmby

Age: 37


From: Norfolk

Profession: Nurse

Follow Kate on Twitter @katebarmby

Who is Kate Barmby?

Mother of two and nurse Kate is a farmer’s daughter from Norfolk. She thrives on nurturing others, be it her daughters and her husband Dave, her patients or her group of Brownies (the non-baked variety).

Kate’s had a passion for baking since she was a child and loves using seasonal fruits and produce which she gathers with her children from her parents’ farm. 

What’s Kate’s baking style?

She’s the perfectionist of the group. As well as her everyday family baking, Kate will work through the night to produce flawless sugar craft creations.

Will she crumble under the time limit pressure? You probably won’t be able to tell – no matter how bad things go wrong she’ll try to remain bright and cheery.

How well is Kate doing?

A possible Star Baker in Biscuit Week, only beaten to the post by Candice’s stunning gingerbread pub. She was certainly not the worst baker in the tent, but had a nightmare during Batter Week and became the fourth baker to leave the tent. Maybe Mary had never quite got over her lavender and bergamot flavourings?

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