The Great British Bake Off 2016: Week 5 – as it happened

Are you ready for Pastry Week? Follow along with Bake Off episode 5 online


It’s Pastry Week on The Great British Bake Off – and while we may still be feeling flaky after the news that the show is moving to Channel 4 next year, we’ve at least got this series to enjoy.


Watch Bake Off episode 5 live from 8pm on BBC1 – and follow along with us right here.

4.43pm Not long until we can feast our eyes on pastry week, but there’s still time for an appetiser of Bake Off ponderings. At the moment we’re wondering could Mel and Sue present a new baking show on the BBC?

7.01pm #NoBunIntended

8.00pm RIGHT, here we go. And remember, if you feel any baking puns coming along then just rise above it.

8.01pm Was that Tom singing “it’s getting hot in here”? Actually, not sure I want to know.

8.04pm We’re only a few minutes in and Val is giving me the jeebies. She’s just too happy.

8.04pm Val’s just the sort of lady who could keep a smile on her face while telling you she’s accidentally run over your cat.

8.05pm Okay maths fans, that means the bakers are making a total of 192 breakfast pastries. Just how hungry are the production crew?

8.06pm “It’s better to be wetter than it is to be dry” – Val Stones, 2016

8.07pm And now everyone is talking about bashing butter. The innuendo buzzer is going to have a very long night…

8.08pm Remember when you were younger and your dad handed you dates from the glovebox? Nope? anybody?

8.08pm Are you supposed to cut like this? Asking for a friend/Selasi


8.10pm Dental floss!? Jeeeese. You just went full Val. Never go full Val


8.13pm What on earth did bacon ever do to you, Benjamina?


8.13pm Tom, stop trying to make Weetabix pastry happen! It’s not going to happen!

8.14pm Horrible reminder we’re already halfway through:

8.37pm In Rav we trust

8.38pm Confirmed: an inch and a half is MASSIVE. I just measured it. Literally bigger than a bite-size jammie dodger

8.41pm LOVE VAL

8.42pm HISTORY SEGMENT KLAXON. Perfect chance to read why they’re the best thing about bake off.

8.43pm WE’RE BACK.

8.46pm Sentences I never want Val to say again: “This is an idea I’ve got off the internet.”

8.46pm Just figured out why Val is so zaney. She’s a timelord. It’s so obvious.

8.47pm Oh, Tom is using booze. Who knew?

8.48pm I shouldn’t have laughed. I did.


8.51pm Do they add in extra crunching noises here? Literally never heard anyone eating this loudly before.

8.52pm New favourite tweet of the night:

8.54pm Are they still in the oven, Val? Val! We’ve already had one fire tonight!

8.55pm Sadness in her eyes

8.56pm Never doubted you for a second, Rav.


8.58pm ? ? ? Candice


8.59pm Although does this mean that we get a glimpse of her TARDIS now?

9pm Before you ask, botanical week is bakes inspired by nature. Whatever that means.


9.01pm Right. That’s it. It’s over. Val’s gone! Stay tuned for the Twitter reaction.