Richard Hammond commemorates 10 years since his Top Gear accident

It's been a decade since the former TG presenter's jet-powered car left the track at a former RAF airfield in York


September 20th 2006 is a notorious date in many a Top Gear fan’s memory, because it’s the day then presenter Richard Hammond was involved in a serious crash while driving a jet-powered car during filming.


Hammond was behind the wheel of the Vampire dragster at the former RAF Elvington airfield near York when the accident happened, and memorably attempted to continue to present to camera as he was taken to hospital. 

He suffered a significant brain injury but doctors were optimistic he’d make a recovery and now, 10 years later, Hammond’s been sharing his thanks for all their hard work. 


He’s back behind the wheel with his former Top Gear co-hosts, Jeremy Clarkson and James May, in Amazon’s The Grand Tour this coming November.