Twitter is finally excluding pictures, tweet links and usernames from its character limit

But if you tweet this link it may not work just yet


Twitter has announced that it is eliminating the space previously taken up by pictures, usernames, and links to other posts, from its 140 character tweet limit… via a tweet.


Uploaded visual media, including photos, videos and GIFs, as well as polls, Quote Tweets and other user’s Twitter handles will no longer count toward the 140 character limit, meaning, as Twitter point out, you’ll have more space to express yourself.

The update comes almost five months after the social networking site announced it would be making changes to its reply structure and character limit. The reclaimed space is not available to everyone just yet as it’s being rolled out gradually, but rest assured you will soon be able to give your full 140 characters’ worth of opinion about someone else’s tweet/your own photo/last night’s Bake Off.


They have not of course considered the implications of these changes in a world containing Donald Trump and Katie Hopkins, but on the other hand we have Russell Tovey.