Louis Theroux gives away free tickets to Twitter lookalike

The award-winning documentarian awarded the prize after being impressed by his fan's "physical similarity"


Louis Theroux is embarking on his first tour of Australia this month. As you might expect of a chance to meet the king of the documentary, tickets have been in hot demand.


But fear not, the man himself has revealed there’s an easy way to get a free ticket to one of his gigs: you just need to look like Louis Theroux.

Yes, the documentarian was recently so impressed with one Wayne Seberry’s physical likeness that he gave the lucky fan free tickets to his Melbourne show this weekend.

Louis Theroux: Live on Stage! offers those Down Under the chance to gain a behind-the-scenes look at his extraordinary catalogue of documentaries, including sneak peeks at some never before seen footage.

Talking to Australia’s own Julia Zemiro, Theroux explains how he works, how he comes to terms with danger and reveals some tantalising footnotes about where some of his subjects are today.

The question is, will the real Louis be bringing a dog…?


Theroux’s new big-screen documentary My Scientology Movie is released in the UK on 10th October