Freeview film of the day: The Firm

Tom Cruise's legal eagle gets an offer he should have refused


The Firm ★★★★
10.55pm-2.00am Movie Mix 


Based on the novel by John Grisham this film, directed by Sydney Pollack, features Tom Cruise as a bright young Harvard law graduate seduced by money and flattery into joining a legal team known as the Firm. And a shady outfit it turns out to be, as Cruise’s wife Jeanne Tripplehorn suspects, although he does not. Until, that is, two other associates are murdered and the FBI informs Cruise that the Firm is attached to the Mob. So here’s the quandary: does he work with the FBI to bring the Firm down and risk being bumped off like the others? Or does he stay where he is and take his chances on being arrested? This is a brisk, entertaining yarn, with Cruise trying to juggle the conflicting demands of the FBI, the Firm and the Mob while keeping himself and his career alive. Grisham, Cruise and Pollack are good at this kind of stuff. Fine support, too, from Gene Hackman and Ed Harris.


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