Coronation Street: Phelan gets “more dangerous” as Todd threatens to blow the whistle, reveals Connor McIntyre

How far will Pat and Vinny to make sure their devious plan is a success?


Is a guilty Todd set to bring down the unscrupulous Phelan in next week’s Coronation Street? It’s the big question that fans of the ITV soap will be asking after Todd tries to pull out of his partnership with Pat and Vinny for the sake of his relationship with Billy.


Upcoming scenes see Todd deciding to do the right thing as he bids to get things back on track with Billy. And then comes the news that Todd’s close friend Sarah has had a windfall and is dead set on buying one of Phelan’s flats.

Phelan is adamant that Todd should keep on Vinny’s good side if he knows what’s good for him. All of which leaves Todd feeling very conflicted about whether to carry on with his deal with the swindling duo. Can Phelan win him back round? And is Todd getting in too deep? Here’s Connor McIntyre with all the latest on the forthcoming twists and turns…

So how confident is Phelan that he can pull off his scam?
Phelan’s always confident. He absolutely thinks he can do anything if it makes sense through his logic and there’s nothing to consider other than, ‘OK, is it plausible? Will we get people to sign up for it?’ So yes, Phelan is very confident.

How does he feel about having Todd on board – does he trust him or is he wary of his motives?
Phelan would always be wary of Todd’s motives, but he needs to keep Todd on side because he needs to keep Eileen and Vinny on side. What we’re getting here is a juggling game. He’ll always keep his eye on Todd but he is the key to the whole deck of cards. There’s also a bit of pleasure for Phelan in corrupting Todd,  but Todd is already a bit corrupted, right? Phelan’s put temptation in Todd’s way and seen him at a weak moment.

Do you think Phelan already sees that darker side to Todd?
Oh they relate to each other completely. 

How does he feel when Todd decides he wants to pull out?
Phelan is extremely anxious for two reasons – first of all, that rocks the whole boat with Eileen. Also, we know there’s history between Phelan and Vinny. Phelan knows that Todd pulling out represents real dangers in terms of Vinny just saying, ‘I’m going to kill him.’ Now, for Phelan, that would wreck the whole deck of cards also, so he’s very anxious. 

How does Phelan try and persuade Todd to stick with them?
Phelan tries to persuade Todd on two fronts. Firstly, he hits Todd where his soft spot is, which is Eileen and Jason. He says, ‘This is about your mum getting something for herself’ and about Jason’s investment being at stake. Then, of course, he offers to pay for Billy’s charity trip to get Billy on side, so he’s hitting him on every front really. 

How dangerous is Vinny and does Phelan have his own worries about him?
Vinny is a very dangerous presence and the worries are manifold. Phelan knows what Vinny is capable of – he’s scared in the sense of the repercussions of what Vinny could do. Vinny is a loose cannon. Phelan’s a schemer, a thinker, a manipulator, whereas Phelan is calculated, Vinny is black and white. This represents a danger. Phelan is trying to manage everybody at the same time and no doubt, as time goes on, we will see the pressures of that taking their toll.

What do you make of Todd teaming up with Phelan? Do you prefer them working together or in conflict?
I have no preference because they are peas from the same pod. Phelan is a bit more experienced, a bit older but they are definitely cut from the same cloth. However there is one striking difference – Todd has his achilles’ heel which is his mother and his brother. Phelan doesn’t have any.

How did you feel about the show bringing in Vinny as a partner for Phelan?
He’s great, isn’t he? It informs Phelan’s backstory but you also see Phelan responding to a crisis and that tells you a lot about him. We have these two ‘bad guys’, if you like, with two different dynamics. Together, they are quite a formidable duo. 

How have you found working with Ian Kelsey?
Fantastic, it’s been a treat. He’s a great actor, he’s a real gentlemen and it has just been a delight. 

Could Phelan be about to become more dangerous now that Vinny is by his side?
The short answer to that is yes because of the whole juggling of all the components. Pressure like that starts to mount on somebody. Maybe, well’re him not calculating as much. Maybe we’ll see him reverting back to his old ways as there has only been gentle persuasions up to now. This whole scenario could make him more dangerous because there’s more at stake. 

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