Two new Apprentice trailers put YOU in the firing line

If you ever wanted to know what it was like to be fired by Lord Sugar, now’s your chance


Always dreamed of experiencing the highs and lows of being an Apprentice candidate, but without the hassles of buying a shiny suit and flogging fish fingers to stockbrokers in the City? Longed for a chance to sit in the boardroom and have Lord Sugar verbally berate you at the end of an accusing finger?


Well then, weirdo, these terrifying trailers for the new series of the Apprentice might just be for you – because they put you right in the firing line of the hit BBC1 entertainment series.

The two newly-released clips for the 12th series of the business contest transport us into the body (and mind) of a nervous Apprentice contestant, giving us POV shots of both the terrifying wait for a boardroom mauling (above) and the horror of being on the receiving end of Lord Sugar’s disdain (below). Brrr.

It’s enough to put us off applying for the show for life – though we’re probably more excited than ever to return to the role of third-party observers when the series returns to our screens very soon (along with a revamp for spin-off series You’re Fired!).

And maybe, just maybe, these trailers will give us just a little bit more sympathy for the trials the contestants go through this year, and not reduce us to criticising their every move. 

Probably not, though. Old habits die hard.


The Apprentice will return to BBC1 this October