Coronation Street: Beth is arrested for being a bigamist – will she go to prison?

Craig was revealed to have called in the police, while Kirk walked out on Beth


The police have had a busy day on Coronation Street, arresting Beth Sutherland (Lisa George) on suspicion of being a bigamist.


Corrie fans learned this week that Beth had knowingly got married to Kirk (Andy Whyment) while still being married to Craig’s jailbird dad Darryl (Paul Loughran).

But tonight’s double bill saw the police catch up with Beth when they swooped on the Underworld factory where she works before taking her into custody.

At first, it seemed that Kirk had been responsible for shopping his ‘wife’ to the authorities, but it later transpired that Craig (Colson Smith) was the one who’d put in the call.


“Once the feds get involved, it’s a totally different ball game,” Kirk told Craig, while Beth feared that she could go to prison.

By the end of Friday’s episode, it looked as though Kirk and Beth’s relationship was well and truly over, with him having turned up in tears on sister Maria’s doorstep.

In other news, the police were also seen taking villainous Pat Phelan into custody after he appeared to have kidnapped Eileen Grimshaw. For a tiny backstreet, the Street sure is a crime hotspot.

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