16 tweets that perfectly sum up our emotions watching Bake Off last night

As Britain's beloved baking show crumbled, we resolved to GBBO and carry on


As viewers tuned in to last night’s Great British Bake Off, there was a real sense of anxiety and dread in the air.


For you see, while we knew what had transpired over the past week (if you’ve been living under a rock cake, GBBO is moving to Channel 4 and Mel & Sue are leaving) the bakers didn’t.

And that left viewers feeling very sad for them indeed.

So when Mel & Sue sang their way through the opening credits, soggy eyes were as plentiful as soggy bottoms.

Batter week provided something of a welcome distraction though, with heated discussions about Yorkshire puddings keeping us all otherwise engaged for at least ten minutes.

I mean, how difficult could it be to get the roast dinner accompaniment right?

And why, in the name of all that is golden and batter-y, would they add to the week’s trauma by cooking up crazy fillings?

It was a “could do batter” all round.

But as the puns rolled in, the anxiety escalated once again

And just when we thought we couldn’t feel any worse, our beloved Selasi made an earth-shattering revelation.

Luckily, Val was on hand to keep everyone’s spirits up with her eternal optimism

And there were happy tears because people were so touched by her support for her pals in the tent

Candice cheered everyone up with her one liners

And the churros in the showstopper bake were so tempting that there was little time to think about the heartbreaking realities of the Bake Off news week

Even if Kate’s bunnies were a little, well, disturbing…

But we couldn’t avoid it forever.

And as the credits rolled, everyone braced themselves for a brave new Bake Off world…


The Great British Bake Off series 7 continues on BBC1 on Wednesdays at 8pm