People are puzzled by Jeremy Clarkson’s enigmatic tweet about Bake Off

Does the former Top Gear host know something we don’t?


The recent news that The Great British Bake Off is leaving the BBC in favour of Channel 4, and without hosts Mel and Sue, reminded many of Top Gear, another flagship BBC show that recently went through an upheaval (though under rather different circumstances) leading to the departure of the presenting team to a very lucrative broadcaster, several format changes to the original show and anger from fans. 


So you’d expect that former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson would definitely have an opinion about the latest calamity to befall the BBC, and you’d be right – but we’re not quite sure what that opinion is. 

Enigmatically hinting in a tweet that most commentators had misunderstood the background to the Bake Off story, Clarkson has since remained silent on the topic, despite legions of his followers begging him to say more. So what could he mean?

Well, considering Clarkson’s bad blood with the BBC it could be that he has more sympathy for Love Productions, the independent production company who make Bake Off and sold the format to Channel 4. Perhaps he feels the BBC are getting too much sympathy for letting another big show slip through their fingers, and wishes people would cut Channel 4 some slack for putting their money where their mouth is. 

In other words, maybe he thinks the thrust of the media coverage – company shafts Beeb to get big bucks – is unrepresentative, based on his own experiences in the industry and his own opinions about the BBC.

Alternatively, it could just be that he’s eyeing up Mary Berry’s judging role for himself and wants no talk of her sticking around. We may never know the mind of Clarkson – but at this point, no Bake Off news could surprise us.


The Great British Bake Off continues on BBC1 tonight (14th September) at 8.00pm