Coronation Street: Beth is revealed to be a bigamist! Here’s what happens next

Beth's marriage to Kirk left in tatters at the climax to tonight's episode of the ITV soap


Beth Sutherland (Lisa George) has been exposed as a bigamist in tonight’s Coronation Street cliffhanger.


Factory machinist Beth is currently married to hapless hubby Kirk (Andrew Whyment) but surprise scenes just broadcast on the ITV soap saw Craig (Colson Smith) discover that she’d never been granted a divorce from his dad Darryl (Paul Loughran).

Wednesday’s episode saw Craig venture behind bars to pay his jailibird father a visit, but the atmosphere turned sour when Darryl asked if his son could supply him with drugs.

After blasting Darryl for being just as his mother had warned him and praising Kirk for being a decent man, Craig’s dad shot back: “What would he make of his loving wife still being married to me, then?”

Cue a showdown back on the Street that saw Craig confront his mum with Darryl’s accusations. “You never got divorced, that’s what he told me,” yelled Craig, all of which left Beth floundering to provide an answer.

Upcoming episodes of Corrie will see Craig struggling to come to terms with him mum’s lies, while Kirk is left feeling that Beth has ruined everything they had between them. So is this it for Beth and her Kirky?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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