Batter Week made everyone realise just how crucial Mel and Sue are to The Great British Bake Off

Enjoy them now, before they're whisked away


It was Batter Week on The Great British Bake Off episode four, a chance for everyone battered by the stories of the past few days to pretend that nothing has changed.


Except everything’s changed. Mel and Sue won’t be staying with the show when it moves from the BBC to Channel 4. No more gentle pat on the shoulder to let the baker know everything’s going to be OK. No more poking fun at Paul and Mary. No more Chur-ros Kemp.

Tonight’s show made us realise – if we hadn’t already – just how vital Mel and Sue are to The Great British Bake Off.


Not even the challenges could keep people’s minds off the future.

It wasn’t just because we knew they were leaving. Even if everything had stayed the same, this was a vintage ep for Mel and Sue.

It was all, frankly, a bit weird watching them carry on as if nothing had happened (in their pre-recorded bliss, of course, nothing had).

These next few weeks will be hard. But we must savour every moment.

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