13 very British reactions to Bake Off’s move to Channel 4

*angrily puts kettle on*


The Great British Bake Off is moving from BBC1 to Channel 4 after a new deal was struck with Love Productions, and there have been some ever so British reactions to this news, including, but not limited to, talk of tea…


Being sure to include a baking pun while reacting to the news.

Reporting that one’s wife won’t be watching.

Boiling over with anger… but still remembering to star out the swear words.

Bringing tea into it.

Making an educational joke.

Adding that extra bit of personal info into things.

Immediately turning to thoughts of gardening:

Refusing to miss an opportunity.

That ability to be oh so happy and then oh so miserable in a matter of minutes.

Not being quite sure what to say so having a little stamp about instead.

Turning to Alan Partridge in this very difficult time.

Not being altogether sure about who to be most angry at, but knowing you’re angry.

And finally, in the face of such adversity, a determination to be upbeat and chipper.