Mel B ‘helps’ Bear Grylls after jellyfish sting

You know that thing you've probably seen on the Discovery Channel? Yeah, she did that


Mel B had to ‘help’ adventurer Bear Grylls while filming Running Wild after he was stung by a jellyfish.


And yes (this is for the Friends fans) she did the thing you’ve probably seen on the Discovery Channel. Yep, Bear Grylls was peed on by Scary Spice herself.

Complaining that his hand was hurting while shooting the adventure show (which sees Grylls put famous faces through their paces in various challenging locations), Mel B explains how she said she’d “seen this thing in the movies” telling him “you have to pee on it!”

By all accounts, Grylls was unable to go at the time, so it was down to his celebrity guest adventurer.

“I said, turn around and let me guide your hand and let me put it in between my legs and pee on you and you’ll be fine,” the America’s Got Talent judge explained to chat show host James Corden.

“He didn’t see anything. I’d do it for anyone – well not anyone – but people that I like!”

She said it wasn’t weird afterwards as they just simply got on with the rest of their adventure activities. Although she did admit it was a little odd when it came to watching the episode back.


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