Bake Off’s Iain ‘bingate’ Watters had a Baked Alaska wedding cake

There were no freezer dramas here


Remember Bake Off’s Iain Watters who created that ‘bingate’ storm in 2014 after he threw his ruined Baked Alaska in the bin? Well, he only went and had a Baked Alaska as he wedding cake.


We’re going to give him an honorary Star Baker just for that.

The whole thing came to a head over a freezer during the much-discussed fifth series and whether fellow baker Diana was or wasn’t to blame for the fact that his Baked Alaska melted etc etc ETC. Let’s not re-live the whole thing, eh? Once was enough.

But in a beautiful demonstration of laughing at one’s self, the baker presented this at his nuptials:

Yes, that’s fellow baker Richard Burr capturing it. In fact, there was a whole reunion of former tent stars at the wedding.


And a snap of the happy couple, too…