Bake Off’s Iain ‘bingate’ Watters had a Baked Alaska wedding cake

There were no freezer dramas here


Remember Bake Off’s Iain Watters who created that


—%20Richard%20Burr%20(@RichardPBurr)%20September%2010,%202016%20" target="_blank">‘bingate’ storm in 2014 after he threw his ruined Baked Alaska in the bin? Well, he only went and had a Baked Alaska as he wedding cake. 


We’re going to give him an honorary Star Baker just for that. 

The whole thing came to a head over a freezer during the much-discussed fifth series and whether fellow baker Diana was or wasn’t to blame for the fact that his Baked Alaska melted etc etc ETC. Let’s not re-live the whole thing, eh? Once was enough. 

But in a beautiful demonstration of laughing at one’s self, the baker presented this at his nuptials:

@iainwatters & @catrionamills's Baked Alaska wedding cake #watterswedding16 #bingate

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Yes, that’s fellow baker Richard Burr capturing it. In fact, there was a whole reunion of former tent stars at the wedding. 


And a snap of the happy couple, too: