Why was Paul Hollywood in such a crummy mood in Bake Off episode 3?

Twitter had a very mixed reaction...


The Great British Bake Off’s Tom Gillford was right on the money when he said: “I’m quite nervous because it’s bread. And it’s Paul Hollywood.” 


Tonight was indeed Bread Week on Bake Off, and Paul seemed to be in an especially fiery mood.

We were barely five minutes in and Candice had already felt the wrath of Paul when she disclosed her sugar quantities, and he totally shot down Benjamina’s Chocolate Babka…

“It’s a couronne.”


Just look at that silent but breadly stare.

But we can always count on sweet Mary to keep him in line, who told him: “Yes, but don’t be grumpy about it.” 

Some people on Twitter thought he ought to cheer up…

But some people really, really like it when he’s angry…


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