The Archers: Helen’s trial day three – “Rob raped me – over and over again”

Will Helen's testimony prove to be the turning point?


Dramatic scenes on The Archers have witnessed Helen Titchener reveal at her trial that she was raped by her  husband Rob.


At the climax of Tuesday’s episode of the BBC Radio 4 soap, Helen finally told her barrister and the courtroom about the sexual abuse she’d endured during her marriage.

Recounting how determined Rob was to have a baby, Helen explained that she’d been plied with wine before being held down by her wrists.

“Rob raped me,” she explained. “Not just once. It happened over and over again.”

Helen’s testimony also found her recalling the events of the fateful night that she stabbed Rob. “Rob picked up the kitchen knife and forced it into my hand. He said there was only one way I could leave and that was by killing myself. He was taunting me, daring me to do it,” she said.

Earlier in the episode, both Helen’s mum Pat and mother-in-law Ursula revealed that Helen had said that she wanted to kill Rob after discovering that he planned to send her son Henry to boarding school.

But Helen countered during her own testimony, saying that her words had been a figure of speech. But will the jury believe her?


The Archers continues tonight on BBC Radio 4 at 7pm