Welcome home Louis! Walsh makes an entrance as X Factor arrives in Dublin

“It’s all about me!”


As The X Factor auditions return to Dublin for the first time in six years, Louis travels to work on a double-decker bus with his face on the side of it.


It’s not your standard commute, no.

To mark the occasion, Louis stands atop the bus and shouts “Hello Dublin, I’m back!” to what appears to be some slightly bewildered passers-by.

“This is all for me, I can’t believe it!” he cries.

It’s unclear what “this” is, at this stage.

And later, in case you’re not yet convinced: “It’s all about me!”

When he finally does get to work, there is actually a crowd cheering for him.

And Dermot is ready with a flank of Irish dancers.


But he doesn’t get such a warm welcome from Simon, who sees the bus and says: “I actually feel physically sick.”

“Do you think this is normal behaviour?”


The X Factor is on ITV tonight at 8:15pm