First look at Dan Stevens’ lustrous locks in Beauty and the Beast

Plus a sneak peek at Lumière, Cogsworth, and Gaston, be our guest…


The live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast is coming out next year, and judging from these first look photos, production is well under way. 


Behind the scenes pictures of the film have been released by the film’s co-producer Jack Morrissey on his Facebook page.

One photo shows off Dan Stevens’ lustrous blonde locks, and he’s looking uncannily like the original cartoon prince/beast in a long-sleeved white tunic. 


Images of Lumière and Cogsworth, played by Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellen respectively, were also released and we get a sneak peek at Gaston, played by Luke Evans, sporting a long chocolate mane.


Emma Watson will star as Belle in the Disney remake, and although she’s nowhere to be seen in these pictures, the record-breaking teaser trailer released in May gave us a glimpse of her in action. 


Beauty and the Beast is due for release on 17 March 2017. Frankly, it can’t come soon enough.