EastEnders: Denise is pregnant! But will Kush discover the truth?

Tonight's cliffhanger saw Denise make a surprise discovery


Denise Fox (Diane Parish) found herself staring at a positive pregnancy test result at the climax to tonight’s EastEnders.


The cliffhanger moment came as a surprise twist after Denise had spent the entire episode fretting that she could have cancer, confiding in best friend Carmel that she feared she was exhibiting worrying symptoms.

But talk of baby making and pregnancy cravings soon planted a seed in Denise’s mind – the result of which saw her buying a test kit and discovering that she was expecting a child.


News has yet to reach the ears of market-stall holder Kush, with whom Densie has been enjoying some recent clandestine trysts.

But it now seems that a perfect storm is brewing, what with Denise and Kush unsure about to do about their feelings for each other, and she of course being buddies with his mum Carmel.

Something tells us that this is one secret that won’t be remaining hidden for long…

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