Doctor Who’s 31 best moments

There're plenty to choose from, but we've narrowed it down - take a journey through our best-loved bits from the revived series

Matt Smith regenerates/farewell speech – The Time of the Doctor

One of Matt Smith’s most touching speeches, this farewell to the Eleventh Doctor was brilliantly judged, from the slow removal of his bow tie to his sudden change into Peter Capaldi’s new incarnation.


Am I a good man? – Into the Dalek

One of the defining characteristics of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor has been his darker side and struggle to understand his identity. This quiet moment between him and Clara perfectly set up that uncertainty for the rest of the series. 

Spoon fight – Robot of Sherwood

A lighter moment for the Twelfth Doctor saw him fend off legendary adventurer Robin Hood with nothing but some handy cutlery.

Missy’s identity is revealed – Dark Water 

Maybe we all suspected it, but that didn’t give us any less of a chill when Michelle Gomez’s villain finally revealed that she was the latest incarnation of the Doctor’s oldest foe The Master.

William Hartnell passes the Tardis to the next generation – An Adventure in Space and Time

OK, this isn’t really a Doctor Who moment – which is why it’s the extra addition to our 30 top moments – but the scene where David Bradley’s William Hartnell sees his legacy to Doctor Who through the appearance of Matt Smith is just great TV. How could we leave it out?


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