Doctor Who’s 31 best moments

There're plenty to choose from, but we've narrowed it down - take a journey through our best-loved bits from the revived series

Fish fingers and custard – The Eleventh Hour

In an assured debut, Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor was suitably off-the-wall in his opening episode – and this food-based sequence, culminating in a slightly unusual recipe, was a particular highlight.


Van Gogh visits a gallery – Vincent and the Doctor

This scene of troubled painter Vincent van Gogh getting a glimpse of his future success is truly heartwarming, capping off a wonderful episode that is a fan favourite.

I…AM…TALKING! – The Pandorica Opens

Matt Smith’s Doctor was a fan of barnstorming speeches, but this is his best – a triumphant, insolent response to all his greatest foes, despite his complete lack of any way to stop them. Perfect.

Talking to the Tardis – The Doctor’s Wife

The Doctor’s relationship with his Tardis is one of Doctor Who’s cornerstones, so if anything, it’s a wonder it took until Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed 2011 episode for it to be fully explored. This wonderful scene sees the two snipe at each other – only to be brought back to one mind when recalling their past history.

Rory confronts the Cybermen – A Good Man Goes to War


It’s safe to say that Rory (Arthur Darvill) isn’t the most badass of characters, but with a little help from the Doctor he was almost intimidating in this excellent opening scene.