Doctor Who’s 31 best moments

There're plenty to choose from, but we've narrowed it down - take a journey through our best-loved bits from the revived series

The Master Reborn – Utopia

We love a regeneration sequence, and this is a corker as Derek Jacobi’s Master is colourfully replaced by John Simm’s manic incarnation.


I’m the Doctor. I’m a Time Lord. – Voyage of the Damned

Sometimes you just need to let people know who they’re dealing with in a crisis – and there’s no-one better at that than the Doctor.

Repeat after me – Midnight

The Doctor is rendered powerless in this unsettling moment, which sees an unseen alien force take control of his voice and plot his death with terrified co-passengers.

Removing Donna’s memories – Journey’s End

A heart-rending end to the series four finale saw the Doctor forced to erase himself from best friend Donna’s (Catherine Tate) mind – no matter how much it hurt him personally.

I don’t want to go – The End of Time, part 2


The final adventure of the Tenth Doctor saw him tearfully regenerate alone in his Tardis – and we can’t help but feel his sentiment was echoed by many a fan who didn’t want to see David Tennant go either.