Doctor Who’s 31 best moments

There're plenty to choose from, but we've narrowed it down - take a journey through our best-loved bits from the revived series

A fighting hand – The Christmas Invasion

David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor exploded on to the screen in The Christmas Invasion, making a huge impact in his first episode that was topped off with a great sword fight and a little light amputation… well, not for long.


Sarah-Jane discovers the Tardis – School Reunion

NuWho’s relationship with the classic series was cemented in School Reunion, as Sarah-Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) finally met the Doctor again in this striking scene.

The Doctor and Rose say goodbye – Doomsday

At the top of any NuWho fan’s list, this scene was so good they did it twice, returning to Bad Wolf Bay in 2008’s Journey’s End for another Doctor/Rose farewell. For us, though, this has to be their relationship’s defining moment – basically, when it was forced to end.

The fury of the Time Lord – The Family of Blood

This sequence does a great job of showing the Doctor’s dark side as he imprisons the titular family forever – while simultaneously offering one of the best explanations for his existence we’ve ever heard. Fire and ice, indeed…

The angels attack – Blink


David Tennant’s “don’t blink” speech from earlier in this episode is a cracker, but it’s this supremely tense sequence that really brings the danger and dread of the Weeping Angels into focus.