Doctor Who’s 31 best moments

There're plenty to choose from, but we've narrowed it down - take a journey through our best-loved bits from the revived series


Since its return in 2005, Doctor Who has featured so many wonderful moments that it’s almost impossible to whittle them down into a highlights list – almost but not entirely… So, we’ve selected 31 best bits we feel the series just couldn’t have done without.


These moments made us laugh, cry, and seriously ponder why the Doctor hadn’t picked us up in the Tardis by now. But we’re not done there – because now we want you to pick your favourite.

So take a look at our shortlist and relive the glory days of NuWho. And if your favourite moment didn’t make the list, apologies – we could have picked a hundred and still left some great bits out.

Now, let’s get started and head back in time to 2005 as our countdown begins…

I’m the Doctor, by the way – Rose

The moment where it all began, as the Time Lord triumphantly returned to TV in the form of Christopher Eccleston. Action-packed and funny, it was a great sign of what we could expect over the next decade.

Dalek torture – Dalek

One of the defining characteristics of the Ninth Doctor was the scars he still carried from his part in the Time War, and this was never clearer than in this troubling scene where he taunts and tortures a helpless Dalek.

Are you my mummy? – The Empty Child

Still chilling to this day, the sing-song call of the Empty Child was a supremely creepy moment from the series.

Everybody lives – The Doctor Dances

A joyous moment saw the Ninth Doctor save planet Earth and everyone else infected by rogue nanogenes, a rare total win that seemed to dispel some of Eccleston’s darkness.

The Doctor takes on the Daleks – Bad Wolf

In what may be his crowning moment, the Ninth Doctor refuses to bow down to adversity and takes on the Daleks to save Rose (Billie Piper).

The Ninth Doctor regenerates – The Parting of the Ways


The Ninth Doctor’s regeneration may not be the most showy, but his last words with Rose are genuinely touching, and a great send-off to the character.