Scientists on Nasa Mars simulation build TARDIS into their living quarters

Can you spot the Doctor Who tribute in this Martian bio-dome...?


A team of six scientists have just completed a year-long Nasa-funded Mars simulation, spending a year in complete isolation in a dome on a barren rock in Hawaii. They had no access to fresh air, or fresh food, and were only able to leave the small area to go outside by donning space suits.


You’re bound to get a little bored at times, right? And these are university science geeks we’re talking about here. So of course, they turned one of the entrances to their living quarters into a set of TARDIS doors…

Take a look at the image below and you can just see the blue police box on the left.

Yep, it definitely feels like when the historic day comes and a representative of the human race finally reaches the surface of the Red Planet, their list of priorities will probably be: find source of water, work out how to grow food, build Doctor Who-themed room.


Of course, that’s if they get time before the Ice Warriors arrive…