Coronation Street: David gets revenge on bully Lauren – by hacking at her hair with the shears!

It’s not exactly the haircut she was hoping for…


David Platt’s niece Bethany has been struggling with cruel taunts from her bully Lauren recently, but payback comes in the form of a dramatic ‘do when David goes rogue with the scissors next week in Coronation Street.


After a meeting with the head teacher at school, Lauren plays the victim and both she and Bethany are suspended.

David agrees to let Bethany work in the salon while she’s not at school and she ends up telling him how much she misses Kylie. Alone in the hairdressers, Bethany is terrified when Lauren enters and tries to frighten her.

David returns, much to Bethany’s relief, and suggests the girls should bury the hatchet. As a gesture of goodwill, he offers Lauren a free haircut and sends Bethany out on a coffee run.

Instead of giving her the chic cut and blow-dry he promised, David chops a chunk of hair from the back of Lauren’s head. He tells her it will be her throat next time if she ever bullies Bethany again.

Scared, Lauren flees the salon threatening to call the police and Gemma witnesses her leave. Bethany worries that David has only made matters worse. When the police arrive David tells them Lauren changed her mind about the haircut halfway through and Gemma backs him up.

This unpredictable behaviour is a sign of deeper issues which are troubling David. Gail find’s Kylie’s bloodstained hoodie stashed underneath his pillow and he later sets up a fake profile online and sends a friend request to Macca, half-brother of Kylie’s murderer.

Will Lauren’s unfortunate haircut make life yet more difficult for Bethany? And is this the beginning of a downward spiral for David?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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