This kick-ass Batman cosplay has broken a Guinness World Record

He’s not wearing hockey pads


You know what they say: some men just want to watch the world cosplay record burn. Men like Julian Checkley, who’s going to set Comic Con on fire with the most functional outfit of all time (metaphorically, don’t worry).


Checkley’s batsuit has 23 different fully functional parts including a bat-cam, bat signal projector, bat-tracking tech, a pneumatic tranquilizer gun, a grapnel gun, a strobe stun gun and even a bat flask. And not a bat nipple in site.

He didn’t even need a fully-furbished bat cave to build it; Checkley has already worked in the film industry as a model maker and art director. An original cover for a superhero, but we’re willing to go along with it.


Look out for Checkley in the Guinness World Records 2017 Gamer’s Edition/smashing bad guys on a street near you.