ITV boss says “chill out” over Love Island sex scenes: “it was just a bit of fun”

“I don’t think you can see anything," says Kevin Lygo of the notorious 'above the sheets' footage


ITV boss Kevin Lygo thinks viewers should “chill out” about controversial footage of a couple having sex on dating show Love Island, saying it was “just a bit of fun”.


Forty complaints from viewers are currently being considered by Ofcom after producers decided to air the intimate ‘above the sheets’ encounter between 19-year-old Emma-Jane Woodham and 28-year-old Terry Walsh at just ten minutes after the watershed earlier this summer.

Lygo told the Edinburgh Television Festival that the context and tone of the show were important, saying: “Love Island was fun and a laugh. It’s a great big enormous production every day and it was a tremendous triumph for us. I don’t think there was anything wrong with that.

“I don’t think you can see anything, it was all implied and people were laughing at it. I think the context for these sorts of things is very important. And I think it was just a bit of fun.


“I think, just chill out, it’s fine.”