The Great British Bake Off 2016: Week One as it happened

Plant your soggy bottoms on the sofa and prepare to devour a serious slice of Bake Off action with


The Great British Bake Off is back! 2016 could do with a bit of sweetening, and thankfully Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry are here to provide a healthy slice of baking happiness.


This year’s contestants kick off with Cake Week, live from 8pm on BBC1Join us for an hour of live Bake Off blogging goodness…

21.00 And that’s that. 60 minutes of Bake Off beauty feels as though they’re over before they’ve even begun.

We have a new Bake Off workout queen in Val, a seriously slick baking hero in Selasi, and we’ve waved goodbye to our first casualty of the Bake Off tent.

But did the right baker go home? Who was your Star Baker on the night? And are jaffa cakes biscuits or cakes?

Until next time, keeeeeeeep baking…


Whoops. Wrong show.

20.57 Our first star baker is a very surprised Jane


… and Lee’s leaving the tent!


20.52 “Great outside, terrible inside” says Paul to Lee. Looks like he failed the egg-xam and he’s very disappointed.

Cheeky Val’s not at all worried about Paul’s “see me”, though.

20.50 It’s been a bit of a mixed bag for the judges so far, but never fear. Selasi is here.

Not even a lack of shine in his Mirror Glaze can keep the glint from Paul’s eye.


A GBBO bromance is born.


20.44 Val’s had to make sure she doesn’t pop cornflour in her four fruit frosting.

She could make it with salt and we’d still love her. Just check out those moves.


20.40 90 minutes to go and they’re ALL starting over. Not Selasi though. He’s just chilling, whizzing up his raspberries.

20.38 A Matcha Tea sponge, eh Michael?

Mary and Paul’s faces say it all…


20.35 Selasi, the man who’s too cool to add ingredients, pulls every bake off so easily. We are NOT worthy.


“I don’t understand it, I’m just baking it.”

20.34 What is a Mirror Glaze cake?


We’re still not entirely sure how you bake this week’s showstopper, but we’d pay good money to hear Mary Berry say something was as shiny as a “polished posh car” over and over and over again.

20.31 This is the face of a man who is screaming internally because he KNOWS his jaffa cakes are NOT the right way up


And this is what happens when his worst fears are confirmed.


Andrew‘s dreams of nabbing that all important handshake are shattered as Selasi edges ever closer to shaking Paul’s paw.


All hail King Selasi. There’s a man who knows how to make a jaffa cake.

20.23 JAFFA CAKES? IN CAKE WEEK? Twitter is not convinced.


Here’s the full history of the great Jaffa Cake debate.

Meanwhile, Mary’s burned Paul quite beautifully…


20.20 The pressure is ON in the tent. There are a lot of disappointed faces.

Lee’s flavor is good but his texture is awful. Mary can’t get the drizzle but she gets a very very good ginger cake from Michael. Kate’s disappointed when Paul can’t find the blackberries.

But there’s no trouble finding the gin in Tom’s G&T drizzle cake.

Mary seemed SO excited about it earlier…


20.16 Our Innuendo Bingo card is almost full and we’re less than a quarter of the way through the signature bake…

20.12 No man who makes THIS kind of Bake Off entrance could ever be worried by a little thing like forgetting to put the cinnamon in.


20.10 Time for a signature bake – and it’s DRIZZLE cake – cue the innuendos and Mel’s favourite word…


Candice is going down the alternative route and plans to poke her custard in.

And Benjamina‘s all about pistachios and colour.

Can they live up to Ugne’s amazing legacy though?


20.05 Less than five minutes in and we’ve already had Confessions of a Bakeaholic…


And a super aerobic baking nan.

You GO Val. You’ve clearly been following the Bake Off workout.


20.01 Tent. Check. Bakers check. Mel and Sue. Check.

And pun-worthy chat about eggs? Check.


Oh GBBO. We’ve missed you.

20.00 We think we’ll just let Nadiya take care of this one…


19.55 We’ve got our Bake Off treats ready and we’re VERY excited.


Tweet us and let us know what you’re nibbling on over @RadioTimes

19.35 Ok, time to raid the cupboard for some Bake Off nibbles.

Can you sit through the show without chowing down on some sweet treats?

We’ve been asking that very question…

19.25 #BakeOffMovies had been trending on Twitter all afternoon.

Here are a few of our favourites so far…

19.05 55 minutes to go and we’re settling in on the sofa, reminiscing about the glory days of GBBO 2015. Reigning champ Nadiya’s new show, The Chronicles of Nadiya, airs straight after tonight’s Bake Off.

But don’t worry, she’s still got her head in the Bake Off game.

18:33 Have you met the 12 new bakers yet? Delightful batch if I do say so myself. They may be strangers now, but by the end of the night, they will be firm friends…

18.30 Can you believe it’s been almost a year since Nadiya claimed glory in The Great British Bake Off and brought Mary Berry to tears?


From Tamal’s sugar village to Paul’s bread lion, Bake Off 2015 was jam packed with showstoppers and more innuendo than you could shake a sugar stick at.

Will the creme pat making, icing sugar shaking, bread baking, all-caking class of 2016 (you can meet the GBBO 2016 bakers here) serve up another slice of Bake Off delight? Or will they find themselves crumbling with the stress of it all?


We’ll find out from 8pm on BBC1, and follow all the action right here on


And speaking of tea, make sure you get the kettle boiling and have a sugary nibble handy. Your tummy is 100 per cent guaranteed to rumble – it’s CAKE WEEK!