The Grand Tour producer wants it to go out weekly

Andy Wilman talks the future of Clarkson, Hammond and May's new show


When you think of Clarkson, Hammon and May, ‘stealthy’ isn’t the first word that comes to mind. Yet Amazon are keeping details of their new show The Grand Tour close to their chest, with fans still in the dark on when exactly it will be broadcast (beyond ‘Autumn’) and whether it will be released weekly or pushed out at once, ready for binging.


“I honestly don’t know, because that’s [Amazon’s] call,” producer Andy Wilman told an audience at this year’s Edinburgh TV Festival. But which would he prefer?

“Weekly, because I don’t think there’s a box set binge thing to be had, because there’s no threat, no plot. It’s not like watching Breaking Bad and you think ‘shit, what’s going to happen next? It’s ‘those three do something retarded, next week they do something else retarded’. So I’d rather go weekly.

And would he like a second re-run on a traditional broadcaster, after it went out online?

“Yeah. But…[Wilman shrugs] not bothered. I’ve not thought about it, I’d like it to be seen by as many people as possible, however that comes I don’t care. We’re in this new world now. Once it’s gone it’s Amazon’s show, they can do what they like. I’ll be very happy that it can be seen everywhere.”

That said…

“The Top Gears have quite a good shelf life it turns out. You watch them on Dave and think, Jesus, but there they are. So I hope this has a good shelf life too.


“It’ll be on Dave 84 eventually,” he joked.