Twitter shares support for A-Level students as stars remind them you don’t need qualifications to succeed

Over a quarter of a million tweets about A-Level results had been sent by 3pm, with Jeremy Clarkson's shared over 50,000 times


It’s A-Level results day and if you’ve spent any time on Twitter you’ll probably have noticed #alevelresults trending. In fact, by 3pm this afternoon the hashtag had been used 119,086 times, with 183,704 Twitter accounts sending over a quarter of a million tweets on the subject (266,588 to be precise, according to social media tracking tool Visibrain).


The overall vibe was one of positivity and support, with the phrase “Good Luck” the most frequently used expression and only 4.5% of tweets referring to failure.

The stars were very much involved in the conversation too, with the three most popular tweets of the day reminding students that formal qualifications are not essential for success in life.

Jeremy Clarkson’s message “If your A level results are disappointing, don’t worry. I got a C and two Us, and I’m currently on a superyacht in the Med” clearly struck a chord, garnering a staggering 50,000 retweets, while Matthew Healy, lead singer with the 1975, told students “Good luck with your A-levels everyone! If you don’t have any and only got 2 GCSE’s like me just be  and call yourself an ‘artist'”. 


Meanwhile, BBC sports presenter Gary Lineker tweeted “If you got the A-level results you wanted: well played. If you didn’t: just work hard in the real world and it won’t make any difference.”