This Animated Adventures of Firefly trailer proves it’s a show that needs to be on TV

This fan project is real shiny


The early cancellation of Joss Whedon’s sci-fi “space western” Firefly after just one series still rankles with its fans, with many still campaigning and arguing for its return over 13 years since it was last on air.


However, now one fan has taken things even further – because he’s made a beautiful teaser trailer for an animated return for the Serenity crew, and it’s all devout Browncoats could hope for. Wash and Shepherd Book are back! The Serenity is in flight? And was that a Reaver jumping Kaylee at the end?

Sadly, this impressive work from artist Stephen Byrne isn’t anything close to official – it’s more of a “what-if” pitch from him – but it does at least get the stamp of approval from series lead Nathan Fillion, as well as a nod from star Adam Baldwin who made Byrne’s cartoon version of his character Jayne Cobb into his Twitter avatar.


And who knows? Maybe one day this trailer will catch the eye of some TV exec who could actually make this dream a reality. Clearly, if Firefly fans really do want their show to return there’s no power in the ‘verse that can stop them.

Can you name the Firefly character?