New E4 show Stage School looks like Made in Chelsea meets Fame

Every moment is a performance, apparently


Move over Made In Chelsea, there’s a new batch of fame hungry kids on the rise and they’re not afraid to start paying for it right here.


E4’s Stage School is a new reality series that’s going to take us behind the scenes at, you guessed it, a stage school, to meet the kids who are competing to make it big.

Jam packed with catty zingers such as “if Megan or that new girl think they’re stealing my spotlight they’ve got another think coming” and “unlike you, I’m going to be in the West End, you will be working in the local supermarket,” the show certainly looks set to be high drama about some seriously high maintenance divas.

And what a tagline that features the phrase “every moment is a performance”, you can be sure this is structured reality at it’s most dramatic.

It’d almost make you long for the days of our very own High School Musical rip-off Britannia High, wouldn’t it?

Speaking of which, did you know Ed Sheeran auditioned for that? Check him out at the 2 minute 57 seconds mark or so.