Amy Adams learns to speak alien in first Arrival trailer

Grammar doesn’t get tougher than this


Thought learning to speak alien languages like Klingon or Vulcan was lame? Think again – because according to the first trailer for sci-fi thriller Arrival, it could just be what saves the human race from complete destruction.


Starring Amy Adams, Forest Whitaker and Jeremy Renner, the film sees talented translator Louise Banks (Adams) roped into making first contact with mysterious aliens, who have unknown intentions towards the Earth. But will Louise be able to decipher their strange language before either side makes a disastrous attack?

Yes, that’s right – director Denis Villeneuve has made hours of cinema and special effects devoted to haggling over grammar rules and arguing semantics, and we just can’t wait. To quote our Klingon cousins, buy’ ngop.


Arrival will be released on 11 November 2016