About Time, The Natural, The Adjustment Bureau: films on TV today

Domhnall Gleeson travels in time, Robert Redford plays baseball, Matt Damon and Emily Blunt go on the run: the RadioTimes team’s pick of free-to-air films on TV today


About Time  ★★★★ 


9.00-11.25pm Film Four
You’d have to be pretty hard-hearted not to swoon at the feet of this latest variation on Richard Curtis’s favourite story: bumbling Brit (previously Hugh Grant) meets sassy American (Andie MacDowall; Julia Roberts) and charms her with his plummy voice. It casts suddenly ubiquitous but lovable Irishman Domhnall Gleeson opposite a transatlantic migrant, the disarmingly spiky Rachel McAdams. But here’s the twist: after trainee barrister Gleeson cute-meets publisher McAdams, his attempts to help out playwright pal Tom Hollander end in him losing McAdams’s phone number. Having sworn to his affable dad, Bill Nighy, that he wouldn’t abuse the family’s time-travelling “gift”, Gleeson does just that, getting further and further temporally tangled. Only pedants like me will complain that the time-travel device is conveniently adjusted to suit the romantic outcome, or bemoan the lack of sharp edges in Curtis’s world (someone does get ill), so get some chocs and dive in.

The Natural  ★★★★ 

4.15-7.05pm Movie Mix
The game of baseball takes on a mythic aspect in this life-affirming Barry Levinson drama from 1984, starring Robert Redford at his golden best as a middle-aged man proving there’s a spark in the old guy yet.  

The Adjustment Bureau  ★★★ 

6.55-9.00pm Film Four
This sci-fi tale based on a typically knotty Philip K Dick story sees Matt Damon fall for Emily Blunt, but Fate (in the shape of some sharp-suited secret agents) has other plans.   

The Matrix Reloaded  ★★★ 

9.00-11.45pm ITV2
Following up The Matrix was never going to be easy, but the Wachowskis give it their best shot with wham-bam action set pieces and a whole host of new villains. However, it’s Keanu Reeves as Neo – The One – who continues to be the franchise’s stealth weapon. 

X-Men Origins: Wolverine  ★★ 

10.00pm-12.05am E4
This fantasy prequel reveals how the mutant with the killer claws got the X-Men gig. Fans of the ripped male torso, look no further.


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