Home and Away: Nate stabbed with a syringe by masked attacker

Nate is drugged and the Morgan family’s past is catching up with them in next week's episodes


Nate Cooper, resident dreamy doctor, will be stabbed by a masked attacker wielding a syringe in Home and Away next week. His assailant creeps up on him while he is alone, late at night, doing his rounds at the hospital.


In upcoming episodes Tori Morgan will become jealous when she sees a nurse flirting with Nate, despite having previously distanced herself from him to avoid starting any rumours. After Nate has been drugged she goes straight to his bedside and tends to him.

Speaking to Inside Soap, actor Penny McNamee (who plays Tori) says: “Tori is aware that this isn’t Nate shooting up or doing anything illegal – she knows it’s connected to her family”. 


The reasons behind the Morgan family’s arrival in Summer Bay were clouded in secrecy until recently, when we learned that the family are in witness protection after the death of their parents. Is mystery man Spike connected to both Nate’s attack and the Morgan’s past?