How the Radio Times/ YouGov study worked

Our research aimed to find teenage Britain's favourite famous faces


What was the purpose of the study?


The Radio Times/ YouGov research aimed to explore which famous people Britain’s teenagers look up to, and against a rapidly changing non-linear media landscape assess how the adults of tomorrow related to both traditional media stars and those emerging from the world of online. 

What we did…

Radio Times commissioned polling organisation YouGov to work on the research in July and August 2016. 

A methodology was devised to generate a long list of traditional celebrities, which was then added to a list of top ranking YouTube ‘vloggers’.

The final list of 51* famous people was presented to a panel of 1,200 13 to 18 year-olds who were asked to rate each person out of ten for six attributes. The six attributes the teenagers were asked to score the famous people on were:

– I am very interested in what this famous person says and/ or does

– I can rely on this person to be consistently brilliant at what they do

– I can relate to this person

– I admire this person

– I think this person is stylish

– I trust this person

YouGov then analysed all the data to generate a popularity index score for each famous person, which could then be used to rank them for popularity.     


* as we had a change of Prime Minister in the UK during the research, we took the decision to add the new PM Theresa May to the second stage of the research, hence 51 rather than 50 names.