Emmerdale: Charity gets her mitts on Cain!

Their fiery relationship is back on after they spend the night together – but will it last?


Charity and Cain will finally get together next week in Emmerdale after dramatic events bring them closer together and Moira pushes Cain away.


Cain is furious when he finds out that Charity knew that Belle wasn’t pregnant and, after informing an unimpressed Zak and Lisa, tells her to pack her bags. Instead, she heads off to the red light district where she has heard Belle might be hiding out.

Sam and Marlon trail Charity but they are so conspicuous she tells them to leave. When she gets to the address she is surprised to find Holly’s threatening ex-boyfriend Dean armed with a baseball bat. She hides in the bathroom and calls Cain but he assumes she’s lying and ignores her.

When Sam tells Cain that Charity did, in fact, go to find Belle it becomes clear that she really is in danger. Cain finds her beaten and bruised and tries to take her to hospital but all she wants is a glass of whisky. As he comforts her she leans in for a kiss and they end up spending the night together.

Charity threatens to tell everyone about their one-night stand unless Cain persuades Zak and Lisa to let her search for Belle, while Chas worries that the pair’s night of passion will mean the end of his marriage.

Cain is concerned for Moira when he overhears her discussing her HIV results but she doesn’t want to talk about it. He gets jealous when he sees Moira with James and leaves to go and find Charity. She is relishing the fact that she’s won Cain over and shares a cheeky kiss with him outside the garage.

Will Charity and Cain be able to sustain their tempestuous relationship or is there a chance that Moira and Cain can mend their broken marriage?

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